Lorena Guillot (1911-2023) validation

The GRG announces today the age validation of Lorena Guillot, nee Guilbeau of Louisiana, USA.

Lorena was born in Ossun, Lafayette County, Louisiana, USA, on January 19th 1911. On November 28th 1931 at the age of 20, Lorena married Whitney Guillot and they went on to have two daughters – Anna Lou and Sadie Ann. Whitney sadly passed away in 1985, followed by Anna Lou in 2002.

Lorena became the oldest known living person in Louisiana in January 2022 and held this position until her death on January 17th 2023, just two days from her 112th birthday.

Lorena’s age was verified by Waclaw Jan Kroczek, myself, et al, later validated by the GRG on July 9th 2023.

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