Marie-Madeleine Saint-Laurent (1912-present) validation

The GRG announces today the age validation of Marie-Madeleine Saint-Laurent, nee Borrut of France. Marie-Madeleine was born on August 9th 1912 in Mane, Haute-Garonne, Occitanie, France. The family, shortly thereafter, moved to Spain. When she was 8, they moved back to France. When she was 29, Marie-Madeleine married Georges Saint-Laurent, after which they moved to Algeria in 1941. After the Algerian War, they moved back to France, before moving to Chad, then back to Paris, France. Marie-Madeleine was widowed in 2001, then moved into a nursing home in Auch, Gers, Occitanie, France, when she was 107.

Her age was verified by Sylvain Grosgeorge, later accepted as validated by the GRG with a date to be confirmed.

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