Gerontology Research Group mission and statute

1990-2024 34th Anniversary

We, the Gerontology Research Group (GRG) based in Los Angeles, California, USA, are a global social science institution of researchers in various fields of gerontology, human longevity, public health, and demography. We endeavor to further gerontology research with a goal of slowing and reversing aging. Our focus is also concerned with verifying, validating, and recording supercentenarians – people who eclipse the lifespan of 110 years or more.

OFFICIAL TABLES on the GRG website will continue to be updated on a regular basis by our GRG Admin Team members Waclaw Jan Kroczek of Tarnowskie Góry, Silesia Voivodeship, Poland, and Robert Young of Atlanta, Georgia, United States.

The Gerontology Research Group (GRG) was founded in 1990 by L. Stephen Coles, MD PhD, and Steven Kaye MD.  Early members include Steven Harris, MD, Joe Schulman, PhD, Greg Fahy, PhD, Robert Nathan PhD and Michael Rose, PhD. Since its establishment by Dr. L. Stephen Coles, the Gerontology Research Group has thirty years experience in the study of healthy senility and longevity. Among its most notable activities is the validation of supercentenarians, the oldest people on planet Earth.Our mission is to slow and ultimately reverse age related decline for more healthy years of life.

The GRG is the foremost authority on the world’s oldest humans — specifically supercentenarian research, authentication and database.  This division is managed by Robert Young who leads a group of international researchers.

The Gerontology Research Group has been the data provider for the Guinness Book of World Records for over 24 consecutive years. Our work has also been quoted in newspapers and press reports for several decades now.

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