Ruth Reeves (1903-2013) validation

The GRG announces the age validation of Ruth Jane Reeve, formerly Scott, nee Reeves. Ruth was born September 21st 1903 in Denton, Lancaster County, Nebraska, USA. On August 14th 1921, Ruth married Elmer Clay Scott, at age 17, almost 18. They went on to have two daughters, before Ruth was sadly widowed in 1935. Then, on July 29th 1937, Ruth married Frank Reeve (no relation to her maiden name) and they had one daughter. Again, Ruth was widowed in 1971. Ruth died November 25th 2013, aged 110 years, 65 days, in Carmel, Hamilton County, Indiana, USA. She was survived by all three of her daughters.

Ruth’s age was verified by Anson Davis, myself, and Wacław Jan Kroczek, and later retroactively accepted by the GRG as valid on March 8th 2016.

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