Tripolino Giannini (1912-2023) validation

The GRG announces the age validation of Tripolino Giannini. Tripolino was born August 20th 1912 in Cecina, Tuscany, Italy. He married his wife, Tosca, and went on to have two children together – Romano and Sergio. Tripolino was a widower for 40 years before his own passing. He also outlived his son Sergio. He passed away in Cecina, the place of his birth, on December 31st 2023, aged 111 years, 133 days. He was the oldest known man living in Italy and the second-oldest known living man in Europe.

Tripolino’s age was verified by an anonymous person and Alfredo Nocera, accepted by the GRG as valid today, February 4th 2024.

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