Michael DeSantis (1899? 1900-2009)

The GRG announces the debunking of supercentenarian status for the pending case of Michael DeSantis. Michael claimed to be born May 26th 1899 in Charlieroi, Washington County, Pennsylvania, USA to parents Quinton and Angela DeSantis. Recently we were contacted by two researchers who have conclusively debunked his age claim to 110. He was in fact born March 26th 1900, albeit in the same place and to the same parents. This is also proved by the fact that his older sister’s (Maggie DeSantis) birth record was found – she was born June 30th 1899 – making his claim impossible. He therefore passed away at age 109 years, 252 days.

Credit goes to Daniel Gonik and an anonymous person for bringing this information forward. We thank them very much for their hard work here!


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