Theophilus May (1861-1971) validation

The GRG announces the age validation of Theophilus May. Theophilus was born January 5th 1861 in Great Torrington, Devon, England, to Francis and Fanny May. He was baptised on February 13th 1961 and reportedly had 13 siblings. In December of 1883, Theophilus married Louisa Viney Hodges in the are he was born and grew up in. In the late 1800’s the couple moved to the US with their two children (a son and a daughter). They settled in Cleveland, Ohio, where Theophilus spent most of the remainder of his life. Theophilus became a naturalized citizen in 1893, according to records. He became a widower some time between 1900 and 1910 and eventually he moved in with his grandson at the age of 98. Theophilus passed away on December 2nd 1971, aged 110 years, 331 days, in Middleton, Ohio. He was the oldest known person living in the state of Ohio before his death.

Theophilus’ age was verified by Nick Eriksson, Anson Davis, Waclaw Jan Kroczek, et al, later accepted by the GRG as valid with a retroactive date of August 14th 2016.

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