Wenonah Bish (1912-present) validation

The GRG announces the age validation of Wenonah Bish, nee Taborn. Wenonah was born October 2nd 1912 in Springfield, Sangamon County, Illinois, USA, to Lewis and Elizabeth Taborn. She had at least two siblings – both sisters. By 1940, Wenonah was married to William Wright and had two children – Delores and Donald. In 1943, she married Edgar A Bish, but had no children with him. Edgar sadly died in 2001, leaving Wenonah a widow. She continued living in Springfield, Illinois, where she still resides today at age 111. Her daughter Delores is now 90 years of age herself. Wenonah survived COVID-19 twice, a hip replacement at 109 and remains as active as she can.

Wenonah’s age was verified by myself and Waclaw Jan Kroczek, later accepted as valid with a date of January 10th 2024.

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