Ebe Tosi (1913-present) validation

The GRG announces today the age validation of Ebe Tosi of Italy. Ebe was born July 11th 1913 in Ferrara, Emilia-Romagna, Italy. Twice married, she never had children. After her first husband passed away she moved to Genoa, Liguria, where she still resides today. Ebe lived independently until the age of 105, when she moved into a nursing facility. Reportedly she rises early, enjoys watching football and has never smoked. Ebe is currently the second-oldest known living person in the Liguria region. She lives in Genoa at age 110.

Ebe’s age was verified by an anonymous person and Alfredo Nocera. This was then accepted as valid by the GRG on January 7th 2024.

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