Fiorinda Rogante de Godoy (1913-present) validation

The GRG announces the age validation of Fiorinda Rogante de Godoy. Fiorinda was born May 7th 1913 (claims June 26th) in Sao Paulo, Brazil to Italian Immigrants; Domingos and Joanina. She was baptised on June 21st 1913. Fiorinda was one of ten siblings, all of which she has outlived. On September 23rd 1933 she married Paolo de Godoy, after which they went on to have one child – a daughter – Aparecida, on January 3rd 1935. Aparecida married in 1959, after which Fiorinda lived with her daughter and son-in-law. Fiorinda’s husband had already passed by this time. Sadly, Fiorinda lost her daughter in more recent years, but she is now cared for by her grandchildren and great-grandchildren. Apart from requiring the use of a wheelchair for mobility, Fiorinda is reportedly in good health. She resides in Sao Paulo still, at the age of 110.

Fiorinda’s age was verified by myself and Guilherme Matheus, accepted as validated by the GRG with a date of January 6th 2024.

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