Merle O’Hara (1912-2023) validation

The GRG announces the age validation of Merle Millicent O’Hara, nee Romney. Merle was born on February 20th 1912 in Kingston, Surrey County, Jamaica. On May 25th 1937, Merle married Daniel Murray O’hara in St Andrew Parish, Surrey County. They went on to have one child – a daughter named Bridget. Interestingly, on a visit to Jamaica, Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip were served tea by Merle. After Bridget married and moved to Canada, Merle and Daniel moved there themselves in 1974. Sadly, Merle was widowed in 1980, when Daniel died in March. Merle spent the rest of her life in Vancouver, Canada. She survived a stroke and Covid-19, and was active on Instagram in her later years. Merle passed away in Vancouver on November 4th 2023, aged 111 years, 257 days. Before her passing, she was the oldest known living Jamaican person and among the oldest living people in Canada.

Merle’s age was verified by myself and Waclaw Jan Kroczek, later accepted as valid by the GRG on December 30th 2023.

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