Thea Breckerbaum (1902-2012) validation

The GRG announces the age validation of Thea Breckerbaum, nee Von Lossberg. Thea was born October 6th 1902 in Provinz Posen, Germany, which is now part of Poland. She was born into a family of nobility. Her father died during the First World War, she never saw him again after he left for the front. Thea married and had at least one child – a daughter named Marie-Elisa. Thea passed away in Kassel, Hesse, Germany, on November 25th 2012, aged 110 years, 50 days.

Her age was verified by Stefan Jamin and Waclaw Jan Kroczek, later accepted as retroactively valid on April 22nd 2016 by the GRG.

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