Madeleine Iba-Zizen (1903-2013) validation

The GRG announces the age validation of Madeleine Iba-Zizen, nee Boue. The following is a short biography by our correspondent for France, Sylvain Grosgeorge:

Madeleine Louise Octavie BOUÉ was born February 13th 1903 in Mézières, Indre, Centre-Val de Loire, France from Charles Henri BOUÉ, 33 years old – a professional painter, and Alexandrine Léontine Désirée, 34 yearsold, a primary school teacher.

She married,  on March 14th 1940 in El-Biar (French Algeria), to Augustin Léon Iba-Zizen, a lawyer that in 1959 was nominated by General De Gaulle to the French State Council.

Madeleine and Augustin had 2 girls, Marie-Thérèse and Anne-Elisabeth.

Madeleine became the director of the normal school for teachers in Algiers (French Algeria), then inspector of artisanal education in Algeria and finally the founder of the female section for adaptation of French teachers that came to teach in Algeria.

She became a widow on November 16th 1980.

Madeleine passed away  May 7th 2013 at the age of 110 years, 83 days,  in Paris 8th quarter.

Her age was verified by Antione Demarais and Sylvain Grosgeorge, retroactively accepted by the GRG as valid on April 1st 2016.

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