Paulette Magne-Ducamin (1912-present) validation

The GRG announces today the age validation of Paulette Magne-Ducamin of France.

Paulette was born on April 21st 1912 in Lelin-Lapujolle, Gers, Occitanie, France. Her father died when during World War I, after which she became a ward of the nation. She started farm work at the age of 12, went on to marry and have children, then was widowed in 1950. She remarried, but was widowed again. After this she had a partner, but didn’t marry. He also passed away, when she was 78 years of age.

At age 100 she was still very independent, keeping very active. Around age 104 she moved again, having moved around a little. She now Paulette now lives in Lelin-Lapujolle, Gers, Occitanie, France. She is currently the oldest known living person in Occitanie region.

Her age was verified by France correspondent Sylvain Grosgeorge, later validated by the GRG on November 6th 2023.

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