Okagi Hayashi

  • Full name: Okagi Hayashi (Japanese: 林おかぎ
  • Lifespan: 02.09.1909
  • Age: 114 years
  • Birthplace: Tsumagi (now Tsumagicho, Toki City), Gifu Prefecture, Japan
  • Last residence: Tsumagicho, Toki City, Gifu Prefecture, Japan
  • Application date: 14.09.2019
  • Validation date: 09.02.2022
  • Validation source: MHLW, Japan/Yu Li


Okagi Hayashi was born in Tsumagi (now Tsumagicho, Toki City), Gifu Prefecture, Japan, on September 2, 1909. Her father worked as a grain wholesaler. After completing her elementary education, she enrolled in Nakatsu Girls’ High School and simultaneously moved to a high school dormitory, leaving her parents’ home.

In her early twenties, Hayashi married an elementary school teacher. Despite her husband’s adoption into the Hayashi family, she retained her maiden name. They initially resided in Hokkaido Prefecture until the birth of their first son, after which they returned to Toki City. There, she took over her family’s grain wholesale business, and the couple went on to have a total of nine children. Hayashi maintained a strong focus on her health from mid-life onwards, regularly consuming homemade green juice and engaging in exercise alongside her husband. Even into her eighties, she relished hot spring trips and gardening with friends from her school days.

As of the most recent information available, Okagi Hayashi resides in Tsumagicho, Toki City, Gifu Prefecture, Japan, at the impressive age of 114 years and 58 days. She is presently the third-oldest validated living person in Japan, following Fusa Tatsumi and Tomiko Itooka.

Longevity Recognition

  • On October 24, 2013, Hayashi became the oldest known living person in Toki City.
  • On June 24, 2019, following the passing of 110-year-old Tsuyo Wada, she became the oldest known living person in Gifu Prefecture.
  • Hayashi continued practicing calligraphy until her nineties and lived with her family in her own home until she turned 105.
  • In September 2019, she celebrated her 110th birthday, achieving supercentenarian status. At that time, she had eight living children, 22 grandchildren, 39 great-grandchildren, and five great-great-grandchildren.
  • At the age of 112, she was still capable of reading newspapers and enjoyed engaging in puzzle games.

Longevity titles

  • Oldest living person in Gifu Prefecture (24.06.2019 – present)


Okagi Hayashi at age 113.

Okagi Hayashi at the age of 28, with her husband and children.

Hayashi at the age of 66, with her family.

Hayashi in her 70s, with her son

Okagi Hayashi at age 96 and 100.

Okagi Hayashi, from age 106 to 109.

Okagi Hayashi on her 110th birthday.

Okagi Hayashi, aged 110, in September 2019.

Okagi Hayashi, aged 112.