Louise Levy

  • Full name: Louise Morris Levy (née Wilk)
  • Lifespan: 01.11.1910 – 17.07.2023
  • Age: 112 years, 258 days
  • Birthplace: Cleveland, Cuyahoga County, Ohio, USA
  • Last residence: Rye, Westchester County, New York, USA
  • Application date: 03.11.2022
  • Validation date: 01.04.2023
  • Validation source: Oliver Trim/Robert Young/Waclaw Jan Kroczek


Louise Levy was born in Cleveland, Ohio, USA, on November 1, 1910, to Louis and Mollie Wilk. Her parents were born in Germany. She had an older brother named Ralph. In April 1939, she married Seymour Levy, and the couple had two children, Ralph and Lynn. Louise worked as a secretary for her husband’s business for most of her life and continued working there even after his passing in 1991, retiring in her 90s.

As she approached her 109th birthday in 2019, Louise Levy remained in good health and was remarkably independent. She could manage her daily activities such as bathing, showering, and eating without assistance. She also maintained an active schedule, participating in morning stretch classes, knitting groups, and weekly bridge games.

When asked about the secrets to her longevity, Louise attributed her good health to a balanced diet, with a particular emphasis on yogurt. She shared that she began eating yogurt regularly after hearing that Russians lived long lives due to their consumption of the dairy product. She enjoyed yogurt for lunch every day, along with fruits and crackers.

Louise Levy resided at The Osborn, a senior living community in Rye, New York, where she had been living since 1996. Following the passing of Sadie Rosenkrantz on August 11, 2022, Louise became the oldest known living person in the state of New York. She continued to inspire with her remarkable longevity, passing away on July 17, 2023, at the age of 112 years and 258 days.

Longevity Recognition

  • Oldest living person in New York (11.08.2022 – 17.07.2023)


Louise Levy’s age was verified by Oliver Trim, Robert Young, and Waclaw Jan Kroczek, and validated by the Gerontology Research Group (GRG) as of Apr. 1, 2023.

Louise Levy on her 112th birthday.

Louise Levy at age 101.

Louise Levy in her centenarian years.

Louise Levy in her centenarian years.

Louise Levy at age 109.

Louise Levy on her 112th birthday.

Photo courtesy of https://myrye.com, https://www.audacy.com, and Gerontology Wiki.