Luella Sanford (1889-2000) validation

The GRG announces the age validation of Luella Mary Sanford, nee MacRae. Luella was born May 18th 1889 in Grand-Pre, Kings County, Nova Scotia, Canada, to James and Melissa MacRae. She had at least eight siblings. On September 29th 1914, Luella married Leroy Prescott Sanford and they went on to have seven children together. Luella lived in Nova Scotia her whole life, passing away there on June 15th 2000, aged 111 years, 28 days.

Luella’s age was verified by Anson Davis, Bart Versieck, Waclaw Jan Kroczek and myself. This was accepted by the GRG with a retroactive date of August 17th 2016.

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