Lois Leyda (1903-2014) validation

The GRG announces the validation of Lois Marie Leyda, nee Soare. Lois was born in Manitoba, Canada, on July 19th 1903. She spent her youth growing up in Saskatchewan, before moving to the USA in 1933. Lois worked for President Eisenhower during his presidential term, before going on to be a presidential campaigner for Presidents Reagan, Ford and Bush Sr. In 1950 she married Harold Junior Leyda, not having any children during their marriage. Harold sadly passed away in 1955.

By 2007, Lois was living in an assisted living facility in Washington DC. Longevity appears to run in her family – her mother lived to 98, a sister to 104 and a brother to his mid-90’s. On February 17th 2014, Lois passed away at age 110 years, 213 days.

Her age was verified by Anson Davis, Waclaw Jan Kroczek and myself, later retroactively validated on February 28th 2016.

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