Asayo Sato

  • Full name: Asayo Sato [Japanese: 佐藤アサヨ]
  • Lifespan: 22.09.1911
  • Age: 112 years
  • Birthplace: Japan
  • Last residence: Imari, Saga Prefecture, Japan
  • Application date: 03.10.2021
  • Validation date: 28.05.2023
  • Validation source: MHLW, Japan/Yu Li/et al.


Asayo Sato was born in Japan on September 22, 1911. In September 2021, she celebrated her 110th birthday and became a supercentenarian.

In September 2023, Asayo Sato was reported as the oldest living person in Saga Prefecture.

As of her 112th birthday, Asayo Sato lived in Imari, Saga Prefecture, Japan.

Longevity Recognition

  • Oldest living person in Saga Prefecture (2022/2023 – present)


Asayo Sato’s age was verified by Ministry of Health, Labour, and Welfare, and validated by the Gerontology Research Group (GRG) as of May 28, 2023.

Asayo Sato at age 110.

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