Wilhelmine Sande

SWEDEN supercentenarian data

  • Full name: Wilhelmine Sande (nee Holst)
  • Lifespan: (24.10.1874 – 21.01.1986)
  • Age: 111 years89 days
  • Birthplace: Hof, Jarlsberg, Vestfold, Norway
  • Last residence: Stockholm, Stockholm län, Sweden
  • Application date: N/A
  • Validation date: N/A
  • Validation source: Guinness World Records


Wilhelmine Marie Holst was born on 24 October 1874 in Hof, a former municipality in Vestfold, Norway. She married Johan Emanuel Sande in Oslo in November 1897. In 1915, the couple moved to Sweden to live in the capital Stockholm. They lived in Stensättra gård where they had a fox farm and as well as a factory for cash register components. They let Finnish and Norwegian child refugees stay there during World War 2. The couple also owned Fullersta gård. Wilhelmine became a widow in January 1943.

Wilhelmine Sande turned 110 on 24 October 1984, becoming the first supercentenarian in the history of Sweden.

At the time of her death on 21 January 1986, in Sophiahemmet in Stockholm, she was the oldest person ever to die in Sweden. Her final age was 111 years, 89 days.

Longevity recognition

  • Doyenne of Sweden (30.03.1982 – 21.01.1986)
  • Longevity Recordholder of Sweden (1984 – 1993)


Wilhelmine Sande’s age was verified by Guinness World Records, and validated by the Gerontology Research Group (GRG).

Wilhelmine Sande

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