Susana Gutierrez Godoy

  • Full name: Susana Gutierrez Godoy [Spanish: Gutiérrez]
  • Lifespan: 24.05.1910
  • Age: 113 years
  • Birthplace: Tepechitlan, Zacatecas, Mexico
  • Last residence: Tepechitlan, Zacatecas, Mexico
  • Application date: 30.06.2022
  • Validation date: 23.03.2023
  • Validation source: Fabrizio Villatoro/Stefan Maglov/Emilio Ibanez/Nicolas Ruiz Moreno


Susana Gutierrez Godoy was born in Tepechitlan, Zacatecas state, Mexico, on May 24, 1910. She was born as the second child out of five children. Her mother Francisca Godoy Ortiz (1885–1916) died when she was just six years old, and her father Juan Gutierrez Correa (1887–1983) lived to the age 95. Following her mother’s death, she and her siblings were raised by her aunt. Susana worked from a very young age. Her whole life was dedicated to selling food, menudo (traditional Mexican soup), and dinners in Tepechitlan City. She also loved to drink mezcal. Gutierrez Godoy married her first husband Jose Estrada Meza on April 19, 1932. He died over a year later on December 5, 1933. Susana’s second husband was Pedro Vazquez Parra, and they married on June 8, 1939. The couple had a daughter, who died at the age of three months. After her daughter’s death, Susana was not able to have any more children. One of her brothers died at the age of 32 due to a heart attack, and one of her other brothers, Agustin, lived to the age of 92. Gutierrez Godoy was very independent in her old age. She always cooked for herself until she was around 100. She once also had her own chickens as well. She became the oldest known living person in Mexico, following the death of Angela Diaz Millan on October 19, 2022. After turning 110, Susana Gutierrez Godoy lived in a nursing home in Tepechitlan, Zacatecas state, Mexico.

Longevity Recognition

  • Doyenne of Mexico (19.10.2022 – present)


This validation is an important step forward for Mexico, as Mrs. Gutierrez Godoy becomes the third supercentenarian in the history of Mexico, validated by the international scientific age validation standards, behind 112-year old Ambrosia Acosta Teraz (1904-2016), and 113-year old Antonia Valderrama Ocampo (1907-2020), the latter being considered the longevity record-holder of Mexico.

Susana Gutierrez Godoy’s age was verified by independent researchers from Mexico, supported by experienced GRG Correspondents: Messrs Emilio Ibanez (GRG Correspondent for Spain), and Nicolas Ruiz Moreno (GRG Correspondent for Argentina). The initial application was received on June 30, 2020. The validation was concluded posivite on March 23, 2023.

Susana Gutierrez Godoy on her 112th birthday.

Susana Gutierrez Godoy on her 112th birthday.

Susana Gutierrez Godoy on her 113th birthday.