Mathilde Gauchou

  • Full name: Mathilde Gauchou
  • Lifespan: 19.03.1879 – 30.12.1990
  • Age: 11 years, 286 days
  • Birthplace: Castres, Tarn, Occitanie, France
  • Last residence:Castres, Tarn, Occitanie, France
  • Application date: N/A
  • Validation date:  N/A
  • Validation source: Jean-Marie Robine


Mathilde Gauchou was born in Castres, Tarn, Occitanie, France on 19 March 1879. She never married.

In her last years, Gauchou lived in the nursing home Villégiale Saint-Jacques in Castres. Her age was verified by Jean-Marie Robine.

Following the death of 110-year-old Henri Perignon on 18 June 1990, Gauchou became the last surviving French person born in 1879.

Mathilde Gauchou died in Castres, Tarn, Occitanie, France on 30 December 1990, at the age of 111 years, 286 days.


Mathilde Gauchou age was verified by Jean-Marie Robine and validated by the GRG.

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