Mathilde Bonzo-Wrede

  • Full name: Mothilde Bonzo-Wrede
  • Lifespan: 29.05.1890 – 8.06.2000
  • Age: 110 years, 10 days
  • Birthplace: Völlinghausen, II Reich
  • Last residence: Winterthur, Switzerland
  • Application date: N/A
  • Validation date:  09.01.2005
  • Validation source: Thomas Breining


Mathilde Bonzo-Wrede was born in Völlinghausen, Germany. She moved to Switzerland in 1915 and married Joseph Bonzo on 27 April 1916 in Zürich. In her later years, she lived with her daughter Anuti Corti-Bonzo (who also provided all the necessary documents to complete this case) in Winterthur until she moved into a senior-citizen home at age 105. Her sister Maria Marx lived to be 102 years.

Bonzo-Wrede died on 8 June 2000 at age 110 years, 10 days in Winterthur, Switzerland. Her daughter, Anuti Corti-Bonzo (born 3 November 1918) celebrated her 104th birthday in 2022.


Mathilde Bonzo-Wrede age was verified by Thomas Breiningand validated by the GRG on Januray 9th 2005.

Mathilde (on the right) with her sister, 1990.

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