Marie Guerne-Graf

  • Full name: Marie Guerne-Graf
  • Lifespan: 26.03.1912
  • Age: 111 years
  • Birthplace: Lucerne, Canton of Lucerne, Switzerland
  • Last residence: Orvin, Canton of Bern, Switzerland
  • Application date: 15.03.2023
  • Validation date: TBA
  • Validation source: Flavio Stuber


Marie Guerne-Graf was born in Lucerne, Canton of Lucerne, Switzerland, on March 26, 1912. Her life has been a captivating odyssey of adventure, love, and continuous learning. In 1937, she entered into a lifelong partnership with Henri Guerne, and together they welcomed at least one son, the joy of their lives, Jean-Pierre Guerne.

Marie’s quest for knowledge led her across borders, from London for a linguistic stay to the vibrant cities of Paris and Saint-Moritz, where she honed her understanding of the world. Her passion for languages mirrored her zest for life, and her experiences became a testament to the enriching power of cultural exploration.

In April 2019, at the age of 107, Marie Guerne created a milestone memory, gathering with fellow centenarians Verene Cuenin and Elisabeth Domon. Together, their combined age of 307 years painted a living portrait of shared wisdom and resilience.

As fate unfolded, Marie assumed the title of the oldest known living person in Switzerland after the passing of 112-year-old Alice Schaufelberger-Hunziker on November 16, 2020. She further solidified her place as the oldest known living person born in Switzerland following the departure of 110-year-old Anna Leglise of France on 9 March 2021.

As of her 111th birthday, Marie Guerne continued to live in Orvin, Canton of Bern, Switzerland. Her journey is a testament to the strength that comes with age and the richness that a life well-lived can bring.


  • Doyenne of Switzerland (16.11.2020 – present)


Marie Guerne-Graf’s age was verified by GRG-Switzerland Correspondent Flavio Stuber and validated by the Gerontology Research Group (GRG).

Marie Guerne-Graf at age 105.

Guerne (aged 107) with Verene Cuenin (aged 100) and Elisabeth Domon (aged 100) in April 2019.

Marie Guerne-Graf at age 109.

Marie Guerne-Graf on her 110th birthday.

Photo courtesy of Journal du Jura, and Gerontology Wiki.