Maria Eriksson

SWEDEN supercentenarian data

  • Full name: Maria Eriksson
  • Lifespan: (27.03.1900 – 10.01.2011)
  • Age: 110 years289 days
  • Birthplace: Sigtuna, Sigtuna kommun, Stockholm län, Sweden
  • Last residence: Enköping, Enköping kommun, Uppsala län, Sweden
  • Application date: 28.03.2010
  • Validation date: 06.12.2010
  • Validation source: Marten Andersson


Maria Eriksson was born as Maria Emilia Karlsson in Sigtuna, Sweden on 27 March 1900. When she was 32 years old, she married Axel Eriksson. The couple never had any children together. Maria became a widow in 1970. Reportedly, being a supercentenarian didn’t mean that much to her. As she explained, seeing all her old friends die made her feel lonely and she preferred it when she was young, healthy and working.

The 110th birthday celebration took place at the Tallgården service home in Enköping, along with her nieces, nephews, and their children – and their children. At Maria Eriksson’s request, smörgåstårta (a type of Swedish sandwich cake) was served, but she prefered not to receive any gifts.

“I’ve said no. They are not allowed to buy anything for me; instead, I am the one treating them.”

Eriksson was born in 1900 and grew up with her parents and five brothers on a farm in Sigtuna.

Had to work hard” “I had a good life as a young girl. I had to work hard at home, but that was how it was supposed to be. There wasn’t much choice at that time.

Maria Eriksson had no children. Her husband Axel passed away in 1970. Her loved ones were proud that she is the oldest in Sweden, but she did not see it as something positive.

“It’s not great. I don’t want to be the oldest. I never thought it would be like this. It gets so lonely. If I didn’t have my nieces and nephews, I don’t know what I would have done.”

At age 110, Eriksson was energetic and alert, but her vision and hearing were failing.

I feel good, but I don’t hear everything they say to me. I also wish I could see a little better so I could see my nieces and nephews.”


Maria Eriksson’s Life in World Events World War I (1914–1918): Maria was a teenager, had finished school, and lived with her parents and five brothers on a farm in Sigtuna.

The Great Depression (1930): Maria was around 30 years old, and at 32, she married Axel Eriksson.

World War II (1939–1945): Maria was around forty years old, lived with her husband Axel Eriksson on a farm in Torstuna, and worked at home with the animals.

Moon Landing (1969): Maria was 69 years old, and that summer was the last one with her husband before he passed away.

The Assassination of Olof Palme (1986): Maria was 86 years old, had moved to an apartment in Enköping, and was as energetic as a young girl.

The Millennium (2000): Maria turned 100 years old. It was celebrated with a big party, and she received a telegram from the King.

She attributed her longevity to good genetics in her family.

Maria Eriksson died in Enköping, Uppsala, Sweden on 10 January 2011 at the age of 110 years, 288 days.

Longevity recognition

  • Doyenne of Sweden (24.08.2009 – 10.01.2011)

Maria Eriksson became the Doyenne of Sweden following the death of 109-year old Rut Mikaelsson of Västerbotten län on 24 August 2009. Following her death on January 10, 2011, 108-year old Ester Johansson of Kronoberg län became the oldest living person in Sweden.


Maria Eriksson’s age was verified by Marten Andersson, GRG Correspondent for Sweden, and validated by the GRG on December 6, 2010.

Maria Eriksson at age 110.

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