Lillian Ross

  • Full name: Lilian Ross
  • Lifespan: 24.08.1879 – 20.03.1993
  • Age: 113 years. 208 days
  • Birthplace: Ontario, Canada
  • Last residence: Cornwall, Ontario, Canada
  • Application date: N/A
  • Validation date:  N/A
  • Validation source: Bertrand Desjardins


Lillian Ross was born in the province of Ontario, Canada on 24 August 1879. She became the oldest living person in Canada after the death of Record Holder Alice Sjoquist on 7 November 1991. On 7 September 1992, she surpassed the final age of Alice Sjoquist of 113 years, 13 days, and became the oldest Canadian ever. Her Canadian longevity record was eventually broken by Marie-Louise Meilleur in 1994.

Lillian Ross passed away in Cornwall, Ontario, Canada on 20 March 1993 at the age of 113 years, 208 days.

Longevity titles

Doyenne of Canada (07.11.1991-20.03.1993)


Lillian Ross age was verified by Bertrabd Desjardins and validated by the GRG.

Lillian Ross, date uknown.

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