Isabel Barletta

  • Full name: Isabel Barletta
  • Lifespan: 12.09.1911
  • Age: 112 years
  • Birthplace: Flores, Buenos Aires, Argentina
  • Last residence: Flores, Buenos Aires, Argentina
  • Application date: 14.02.2024
  • Validation date: 20.03.2024
  • Validation source: Oliver Trim/Guilherme Mattheus


Early Life

Isabel Barletta was born on 12 September 1911 in Flores, Buenos Aires, Argentina, in a house on Primera Junta Street. She later moved to a home on Jose Marti Street, which her father and brothers built from an abandoned property. She attended elementary school in Francisco Bilbao, Buenos Aires, and pursued art history, drawing, and painting at the Fernando Fader school.

In her free time, Barletta loved attending the carnivals in Flores, where she enjoyed watching parades and murgas (a popular form of musical theater in Buenos Aires), dressing in festive clothes, and observing contests like “best dressed” and, after cars were introduced to Argentina, “best car.” She also delighted in shopping at Plaza Flores.

Barletta recalls how her neighborhood of Flores transformed with technological advancements. There were no street lamps or electricity in her town during her childhood; instead, night watchmen patrolled the streets. She remembers the introduction of kerosene lamps in the 1920s, with one lamp for every half-block, marking the first time public streets were lit.

During her childhood, cars had not yet reached Argentina, so she walked to school. She recalls that if it rained, a school porter would remove the mud from her shoes with a shovel. The arrival of the first cars in her town was a significant event, drawing residents to the streets to witness the spectacle.

Later Life

Barletta attributes her longevity to respecting others, helping those in need, and appreciating nature. She has a zest for life; in 2014, at the age of 102, she expressed her wish to live to at least 110 years old.

Indeed, Barletta celebrated her 110th birthday in September 2021. Longevity seems to run in her family, as her sister Deolinda, with whom she lived as of 2018, was still alive at the age of 104.

Barletta became the oldest documented living person in Argentina following the death of 115-year-old Casilda Benegas on 28 June 2022.

Currently, Isabel Barletta resides in Flores, Buenos Aires, Argentina, at the age of 112 years and 284 days.

Longevity titles

  • Doyenne of Argentina (28.06.2022 – present)


Isabel Barletta’s age was verified by Oliver Trim and Guilherme Mattheus, and validated by the GRG on March 20, 2024.

Isabel Barletta at the age of 109.

Isabel Barletta at the age of 102.

Isabel Barletta at the age of 111.

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