Frieda Borchert

  • Lifespan: Jan. 5, 1897 – June 22, 2008
  • Age: 111 years, 169 days
  • Birthplace: Guscht, Germany (now Goszczanowo, Lubuskie Voivodeship, Poland)
  • Last residence: Berlin, Germany
  • Validation date: Jan. 8, 2015
  • Validation source: Thomas Breining/Stefan Jamin/Waclaw Jan Kroczek

Frieda Borchert was born on January 5, 1897 in Guscht, Germany (now Goszczanowo, Lubuskie Voivodeship, Poland) as the only girl of 6 siblings. She spent her childhood on the family’s farm and worked very hard. As a young woman she moved to Berlin. There she met her first husband she had a son with in 1936. She also had a daughter. They owned a butcher’s shop until the family moved back to Borchert’s parents in Guscht, where they lived until the expulsion of Germans in 1945. Back in Berlin, her husband died as a consequence of a heart attack in 1949 and her son died in 1975. Borchert re-married. She worked a housekeeper in the British Protectorate until she was age 70. At the time she was 95 she moved into a nursing home. At age 108, she was reported to spend most of her time in a wheel chair, suffering from bad hearing and bad eyesight, yet continued to be lucid on her mind and interested in world’s events.

Frieda Borchert became the oldest living person in Germany following Elsa Tauser’s death on Oct. 6, 2007.

Frieda Borchert died in Berlin, Germany, on June 22, 2008 at the age of 111 years, 169 days. She was the Doyenne of Germany, the title, which after her death passed to 110-year-old Emma Joisten.

Mrs. Borchert’s case was verified by GRG-Germany Correspondents: Thomas Breining and Stefan Jamin, and GRG-Poland Correspondent Waclaw Jan Kroczek, and validated by the Gerontology Research Group on January 8, 2015.

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