Elsa Moberg

SWEDEN supercentenarian data

  • Full name: Elsa Moberg
  • Lifespan: (30.06.1889 – 27.11.2001)
  • Age: 112 years150, days
  • Birthplace: Lysekil, Lysekil kommun, Västra Götaland län, Sweden
  • Last residence: Stockholm, Stockholm län, Sweden
  • Application date: 30.06.1999
  • Validation date: 1999
  • Validation source: Robert Young


Elsa Moberg was born in Lysekil, Lysekil kommun, Västra Götaland län, Sweden. She was the seventh child in a family of 14 children. Her father was a successful shoe manufacturer in Lysekil, in the Gamlestan district, and at the age of 47, Elsa Moberg married Ernst Moberg in 1936, whom she met during a business trip to Örebro. Ernst Moberg was also active in the shoe industry. She worked in the shoe business until she was in her 80s. The couple never had any children, and in 1968, Elsa Moberg became a widow. In her last years, she lived at Borgerskapets Änkehus in Stockholm.

Moberg’s philosophy can be summarized as “one should eat and drink what one likes and be happy and grateful – I have been that all my life,” Every morning, Elsa Moberg ate porridge, and one of her favorite dishes was fish.

Elsa Moberg died in Stockholm, Sweden on 27 November 2001 at the age of 112 years, 150 days. The funeral ceremony took place in Stockholm, but she was buried in the O.A. Olsson family grave at Åkebräckans cemetery in Lysekil.

Elsa Moberg was the second person in the history of Sweden who eclipsed the lifespan of 112 years or more. She broke the national Swedish record of longevity which belonged to Hulda Johansson (1882-1994). Moberg held the title of the oldest Swedish person of all time at the time of her death until Astrid Zachrison broke her record in October 2007.

Longevity recognition

  • Doyenne of Sweden (02.03.1999 – 20.11.2001)
  • Longevity Recordholder of Sweden (13.10.2001 – 06.10.2007)


Elsa Moberg’s age was verified by Robert Young, GRG Correspondent for the United States, and validated by the Gerontology Research Group (GRG) in 1999.

Elsa Moberg (1889-2001)

GRG Gallery for supercentenarians born in 1889.

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