Ada Avila

  • Full name: Ada Felicita Avila (née Loor Zambrano)
  • Lifespan: 14.01.1910 – 11.06.2023
  • Age: 113 years, 148 days
  • Birthplace: Portoviejo, Manabi Province, ECUADOR
  • Last residence: Deltona, Volusia County, Florida, USA
  • Application date: 30.11.2020
  • Validation date: 27.02.2023
  • Validation source: Verdi Avila/Robert Young/Waclaw Jan Kroczek


Ada Avila, born on January 14, 1910, in Portoviejo, Manabi Province, Ecuador, lived a life dedicated to education and family. In her home country, she ran a school, positively influencing the lives of many.

In 1955, Ada embarked on a new chapter, emigrating to the United States and making New York her new home. The transition brought with it fresh challenges, including learning a new language, English. In the face of these hurdles, she showed her unyielding spirit and adaptability. She enrolled in sewing classes, a testament to her determination to continue learning and growing even in her new environment.

Ada was a mother to eight children, a grandmother to 12, and a great-grandmother to 17, with the added joy of two great-great-grandchildren. Her family was a testament to her enduring love and influence.

Notably, in February 2021, at the remarkable age of 111, Ada Avila received the COVID-19 vaccine, making her one of the oldest individuals known to have been vaccinated against the disease, a reflection of her commitment to health and her unwavering spirit.

On June 11, 2023, Ada Avila peacefully passed away in Deltona, Florida, USA, at the age of 113 years and 148 days. Her life was a testament to the power of education, adaptability, and the enduring love of family, leaving a legacy that will continue to inspire for generations to come.

Longevity Recognition

Ada Avila’s remarkable journey was marked by several milestones. After the passing of Maude Harris, she became the oldest known living person in Florida, a testament to her longevity. Furthermore, her status as the oldest known living Ecuadorian-born person became official following the passing of Dolores Velez Bravo, who reached the age of 113 on October 12, 2021.

At the time of her peaceful passing, Ada Avila held the title of the fourth-oldest validated living person in the United States, an incredible achievement placing her among the nation’s longest-lived individuals. Additionally, she was recognized as the second-oldest validated living emigrant worldwide, after the remarkable Maria Branyas Morera. Lastly, Ada Avila proudly stood as the third-oldest validated Ecuadorian-born person in history, trailing only Maria Capovilla (116) and Dolores Velez Bravo (113) in this prestigious category.

Longevity Titles

  • Oldest living person in Florida (03.05.2021 – 11.06.2023)
  • Oldest living Ecuadoran-born person (12.10.2021 – 11.06.2023)


The case of Ada Avila is a splendid example of the scientific age validation diligence and excellence the Gerontology Research Group can achieve when a fruitful family contact is assured. Then even the greatest difficulties can be overcome, and language and cultural barriers broken in the face of international cooperation at the highest level. Her case was proven by Verdi Avila, Robert Young, and Wacław Jan Kroczek; validated by the Gerontology Research Group on Feb. 27, 2023.

Ada Avila on her 110th birthday.

Ada Avila in Ecuador in 1950, with her husband and children.

Ada Avila (left) in New York City in 1956.

Ada Avila, aged 66, in 1976.

Ada Avila on her 90th birthday in 2000.

Ada Avila on her 108th birthday in 2018.

Ada Avila on her 109th birthday in 2019.

Ada Avila (aged 111) after being vaccinated against COVID-19 in February 2021.

Ada Avila on her 112th birthday in 2022

Ada Avila (aged 112) in March 2022.

Ada Avila on her 113th birthday in 2023.

Photo courtesy of the Avila family.