Sueko Katsu of Kagoshima Prefecture (1912-2024), passes away at 112

Sueko Katsu honored in Sept. 2023.

The Gerontology Research Group (GRG) is sadden to anounce the death of Mrs. Sueko Katsu, the oldest known living person in Kagoshima Prefecture. Japan, sadly died of cancer on 6 July 2024 at the final age of 112 years, 102 days.

Sueko Katsu was born in Setouchi, Kagoshima Prefecture, Japan on 26 March 1912 as the fifth of six siblings.

Mrs. Katsu lived alone until she was 106, and enjoyed her hobbies of gateball and karaoke. In March 2022, she celebrated her 110th birthday, officially became a supercentenarian.

In September 2022, Mrs. Katsu (aged 110) was reported as the second-oldest known living person in Kagoshima Prefecture, behind 110-year-old Michi Hamada (23 Jan 1912 – fl.31 Jan 2023) of Satsumasendai.

Mrs. Katsu’s age was officially validated by the GRG on 21 June 2023, after meticulously examined and verified by the Japanese Ministry of Health, Labour, and Welfare (MHLW).

On 15 September 2023, Mrs. Katsu (aged 111) was reported as the oldest known living person in Kagoshima Prefecture. At that time, she received a special visit from the Director of the Oshima Branch of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government and was congratulated for being the oldest person in Kagoshima Prefecture.

May she rest in peace. 

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