Dolores Maria Vazquez Diaz (1911-present) validation

The GRG announces the age validation of Dolores Maria Vazquez Diaz of Panama. Dolores, known to those around her as Tia Lola, was born May 1st 1911 in Nata, Nata District, Cocle Province, Panama. Her parents were Jose Vazquez and Genoveva Diaz. Dolores was baptised June 18th 1911 in the church in Nata – The Iglesia de Santiago Apostol (built in 1522). On July 26th 1933, Dolores married Jose Juventino Martinez, who was four years older than her, in the very same church. In 2021, Dolores celebrated her 110th birthday, becoming a supercentenarian. In March of 2022, she became the oldest known person living in Panama. She currently lives in the same place – Nata de los Caballeros, Nata District, Cocle Province, Panama, aged 112.

Dolores’ age was verified by Jeffrey Xu, myself, et al. This was accepted as valid by the GRG today, January 28th 2024.

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