Audrey Lott (1903-2013) validation

The GRG announces today the validation of Audrey Estelle Lott, formerly Taylor, nee Brown. Audrey was born in Washington, District of Columbia, USA, on October 18th 1903. On September 24th 1923, Audrey married Grant Ellis Taylor and had at least one child – a son. Audrey and Grant separated in October 1926, finally divorcing in 1947. In October of 1947, Audrey then married Clentis Lott. Clentis passed away on August 21st 1965, after which Audrey did not remarry. She later moved into a senior’s apartment, before breaking her hip at 99 years of age, then moved to a care facility. Audrey passed away on October 31st 2013, aged 110 years, 13 days.

Audrey’s age was verified by Anson Davis, myself and Waclaw Jan Krozek, later retroactively accepted as valid on March 23rd 2016.

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