Tamara Krutikov (1912-2022), becomes the first validated supercentenarian in the history of Serbia

The Gerontology Research Group is honored to announce the validation of Mrs. Tamara Krutikov (1912-2022) of Serbia. We take the pleasure to emphasize that the GRG Team has made the significant step forward into learning the history of longevity of a completely new country, until today a virgin territory in the study. Mrs. Tamara Krutikov is the first validated supercentenarian in Serbia by the modern age validation criteria. Furthermore, she is the third validated supercentenarian born in present-day Ukraine, behind Goldie Michelson (validated in 2015) and Tekla Juniewicz (validated in 2018). The validation is a beautiful example of cooperation between researchers and family members, as well as openness to engage into international research effort which was concluded in full success. This research achievement done by Messrs. Dejan Vujic, Boris Vlchek, and Igor Bashyrov even upon the ongoing war in Ukraine. The maximum research effort done by these gentlemen is very appreciated.

Krutikov was born in Yekaterinoslav, Russian Empire (present-day Dnipro, Ukraine) on 27 March 1912. She had no brothers and sisters, she was an only child. When she was 7 years old, she left Ukraine with her parents and moved to Turkey, soon to the island of Kınalıada and then to Serbia, where she later married and started a family. Together with her husband Nikolaj, she had three daughters: Natalia (1941), Irina (1946) and Zinaida (1950). Until she was 94, she lived alone, later her daughter Zinaida returned from Russia to take care of her. By nationality she was Russian. She was a professor of music and French, played the piano and played tennis. She spoke Russian, French, Greek, Turkish, Macedonian, English and Serbian. She died in Belgrade on July 6, 2022 at the age of 110 years, 101 days.